A Change of Pace in Episodic Gaming

The Entertainment

Yeah, apparently one post wasn’t enough to exercise this idea out of my head, so I wrote a little bit more on how The West Wing as a Telltale game could work. Specifically, on something broadcast television shows do in between their important direction altering plot based episodes. Some weeks the episode is an easy watching piece of relative fluff where nothing much happens that would effect the overall plot of the show. A problem of the week episode as it were, but with less stakes.

Honestly, I figure this must be what a game designer’s napkins must look like in the pre-production phase of a game. A note jotted here, an idea scribbled there with a few references listed in other media so the idea can be easily referenced once the pizza and long hours have worn off.

Some of what I’m talking about could exist somewhere. It already does in one form, sort of. While writing it, I thought to myself, ‘yeah, kind of like Kentucky Route Zero did.’ Limits and Demonstrations and The Entertainment both have that in between effect by changing the pacing and stakes, while keeping the overall work consistent.

Go ahead and read my blathering thoughts on the type of thing I think video games generally won’t do over at PopMatters.

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