“Thegamecritique.com,” could there be a more pretentious name for a video game website? Gamecritique.com sounds overblown and self-important enough, but to put a “the” at the beginning, like this is the only place to get such a thing, pushes it over the edge. So why on earth would I call my site that? Short answer: it was available, and you don’t let a name like that hang around unclaimed. Slightly longer answer is that it is what I aim to provide.

Video game are coming into their own as medium and art form as they are now equipped with the tools needed to take themselves to the next level. (Pun not intended.) I’m here to look at games and the culture that surrounds it critically, beyond the surface that makes up most of game journalism out there.

Personally, just so you know where my point of view is coming from, I am a graduate of Boston University with a B.A. in English. Critical thinking is a must.

Go here to answer the question ‘What Do I Do Here?’

If you need to email me with any game related message or inquiry: mageta101@creativefluff.com

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