‘400 Days’ of Moral Quandries, Hungry Zombies, and Terrible Humans

The Walking Dead, 400 Days

I was on another episode of the Moving Pixels Podcast. It’s a lot of fun to be on a podcast you know you don’t have to edit afterwords. This time I actually got to be on an episode where we talked about The Walking Dead. I missed last year’s series of podcasts.

I really liked The Walking Dead DLC 400 Days. I think it might be one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. Part of that I think has been my recent interest in short stories. I don’t always have the time to read a whole novel, but I have found a number of short story podcasts. I listen to podcasts quite a bit, so when I got my new phone I needed some new podcasts to listen to weekly. Some of those have been fiction podcasts. As a consequence to listening to them quite a bit I’ve learned to appreciate the format and the idiosyncrasies of the form.

As I say on the podcast, the short story has different requirements and different needs than a longer form narrative. In the case of The Walking Dead 400 Days it used it to great effect. I’m wondering now if games wouldn’t be better off mastering shorter form narratives before trying to tackle grand epics and ultimately failing.

We go off on a few tangents and my personal audio is slightly better, but still terrible. I am the worst sounding person of the three of us. I really don’t know what the problem is. My headsets died and now apparently the Rock Band mic isn’t recording as well as I thought it was. I may just have to suck it up and buy a dedicated recording mic. Maybe it’s not as big a deal as I’m making it out to be and it’s just having spent so much time listening very closely to voices in editing that I can’t stand anything less. Anyway you can hear us discuss in detail all aspects of the episode. So yes, spoilers.

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