August 18th TWIVGB

Critical Distance

Kris went off in the wilderness and I once again offered my services. This was one hell of a week though. I offered to take the reins at the beginning of the week and only afterwords did I get inundated with review copies and other things I’d have to tackle. It didn’t help that the lot of you decided to write a couple of dozens of posts at the end of the week.

Then of course there was Gone Home. I don’t think there has been such an immediate outpouring of critical essays in such an amount that made it into the roundup¬† since Heavy Rain. And of course it’s a game that you really need to go in knowing nothing. So given the large amount of posts on the game I went and bought myself a copy and then played it. I think this makes it officially the most expensive TWIVGB we’ve ever had.

Really this was a great week filled with tones of great pieces.

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