The Seamier Side of Fairy Tales

The Wolf Among Us

Another Moving Pixels podcast is up. This time we discuss the second episode of The Wolf Among Us.

This was recorded back on Sunday of IndieCade East. I had gotten back from the city only about half an hour before. Luckily my tiredness doesn’t weigh down the discussion. It’s another good, long critical discussion. We start off with a long section about the form of the Telltale style adventure game and how it affects our reaction regarding The Wolf Among Us in comparison to the first season of The Walking Dead, before moving on to the specific events and character beats of the episode itself.

I don’t really have much to say other than go listen to it, as long as you’ve already played it. We spoil pretty much everything and The Wolf Among Us is a story centric game.

*bad cockney accent* “Lot of fucked up people in Fabletown.” *back cockney accent*

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