Another Hand of ‘Hearthstone’


My what a difference a couple of weeks makes. We recorded this episode of the Moving Pixels podcast several weeks ago and Hearthstone, as well as my understanding of it, has changed quite a bit.

It’s quite funny really, how much my understanding of the game has changed in the time since we recorded the podcast. So many assertions and details are just wrong and my own predictions are so off base. For instance, I figured Blizzard would announce a new play mode – Tournament – to the menu. Last week they announced a new play mode and it was a single player dungeon crawl component. So much for being Nostradamus.

There is some good discussion on the basic design of the game and the format of the user interface, especially with regards to communication in the back half. But there are better ways of learning about the game. Namely playing the game. The tutorial matches are rather excellent at teaching concepts and how to play.

Still, if you want to hear what Hearthstone is all about, you could do worse that listen to the podcast to gain a basic idea and understanding.

“Well played.”

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