Neon Noir Fairy Tales


The Wolf Among UsThe next episode of the Moving Pixels podcast, the first in what is sure to be a series, discussing The Wolf Among Us.

I am an unabashed Fables fan. I spend much of the time on the podcast resisting the urge to spew continuity all over the place. The angle of Telltale has chosen to work with the subject matter has so much to work with and benefits greatly if you know the details about the world. And from what my fellow podcasts have said, it works even if you don’t know the world that much. Given it’s complicated premise that’s quite an accomplishment in that initial outing.

I didn’t get to The Walking Dead until the third episode was out, so I’m kind of antsy waiting for the second installment of The Wolf Among Us to hurry up and get out here. Because of the genre change with this game, we are left far more on a cliff hanger than the The Walking Dead. You got a contained story with each episode there, The Wolf Among Us just leaves you hanging as it is supposed to continue. It’s more of a commercial break than an episode closer.

So go on and listen to us gab about The Wolf Among Us. Neon Noir indeed. Also I realized after we finished the call what that intro credits sequence reminded me of – the Tank opening to Cowboy Bebop.

“Strength. Tower. Ten of Swords.”

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