Hotline Miami Moving Pixels Podcast

I made another appearance on the Moving Pixels Podcast on the subject of Hotline Miami. I think we cover the game pretty well in our discussion and I can’t think of anything I’d want to add on top of that.

I will say that my audio in particular is horrible. I have no idea what the hell happened there, but thankfully I have since fixed my headphones in the meanwhile and figured out what settings were causing problems in the background. Why some of these setting were checked off, I will never know why. Hopefully next time I go on a podcast these issues wont rear their ugly head.

If you are going to record audio, even with a cheep $20 headset, go to Control Panel and check the detailed audio setting for the mic. You will not regret checking out what they do and what they make you sound like. Thanks to the severe amount of editing I do I  may have become more sensitive to small issues, but it makes all the difference. Plus it heads off major issues off at the pass before you’ve hit record.

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