‘Deponia’ is no ‘Monkey Island’

For a game I didn’t think much of, I sure am writing a lot about it. Maybe it’s because failures are just easier to latch onto things to talk about. I don’t like to keep harping on a poor game, but I keep coming up with interesting comparisons to better games.

In this case, at the time, I couldn’t help but think the creators had lifted the underwater puzzled from The Secret of Monkey Island wholesale and dropped it into Deponia. In looking both puzzles over again I see that isn’t the case, but it certainly takes heavy inspiration from it. they probably took the puzzle and changed it around to fit the situation better. I wanted to compare them and it just perfectly shows how Deponia fails in its attempt to be a Monkey Island successor.

Deponia isn’t funny. It isn’t clever. And there’s nothing more to the game than just a sickeningly disgusting character I would do my best to ignore in real life. It always comes back to Rufus.

I get into describing and analyzing what exactly these puzzles are doing. I talk about how to solve them and explain the comedy behind them, so there is a major spoiler warning in effect for the post.

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