Enslaved and My First Nightmare Mode Post

So about a two weeks ago I was asked my Nightmare Mode‘s Editor-in-Chief Patricia Hernandez to join. It was right after and mostly because of my Existential Critical Crisis post that I was asked in the first place. I was a bit taken back. Here I was debating my self worth, or rather I was a few weeks ago, (The amount of time it took to edit that 10 page monstrosity was long enough I was feeling much better by the time it posted.) and here was someone asking me to join the revamping of a site. Well after much hand wringing and talk I got my first post out today.

It’s only a rewrite of my Enslaved post from many months ago, but I needed to get myself grounded first. I needed to learn the new system with something solid. The post is heavily rewritten and actually edited. Thanks to the system I got a number of new eyes to help fix it up. With that under my belt I am going to go ahead with original content.

With that said I’m going to rip out a page from Scott Juster and Jorge Albor’s book. When they began writing for PopMatters they changed their schedule around and on Thursdays’ when their post goes up they write a few supplemental comments on their own blog. I’m going to do the same. The essays I do over there are going to have to be even tighter than I’ve manged to make them here, so there are going to be some leftover thoughts.

However, for this week, since I’ve already posted it here, I’d just want to say my thasks and my appreciation. I have never had an editor focus in depth on an piece I wrote and work with me on it. I got quite a few eyes on this one. Thanks to you all over at Nightmare Mode. I’ll be writing there on Thursdays and if I don’t feel free to heckle me on twitter about that week.

Next week is a sequel post to my Enslaved piece that I never got around to writing for reasons that escape me at the moment. Where Enslaved failed, I want to talk about where Heavenly Sword succeeded. See you next week.

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