Critical Distance Curator

Ben asked me to step in again this weekend. Or rather he asked someone to step in and I said yes first. Thing was two days before it had to go up I had only two links. Then the day before I was pushing 30, so thank you all for that. And, well TWIVGB has been going on for over two years now. I want that to sink in for Ben, he’s been doing it for over two years. I’ve been helping for over a year and half officially and dumping more link in Ben’s lap than he can shake a stick at since the beginning. Suffice to say sometimes you have to do something to spice it up once in a while.

I was a paragraph in writing a normal round up when I noticed I used the word curator and I turned the whole thing in a faux museum tour. Having never gone on a museum tour when I’ve gone to museums I did my best to imitate one from the New York area. David Carlton who normally does the editing for TWIVGB went to bed early because I was taking too long so Ben stepped in as editor. I knew I was either going to make him laugh his ass off or get fired. Ben’s response?

I liked what you were going for, but you needed to go more all-out. ALL OR NOTHING, ERIC
So, Ben spruced it up a bit and changed the dialect to London hoity toity. For instance, I had a janitor find the work in the back room and Ben changed it to Grad Student finding it in the basemen. Actually, come to think of it, that’s pretty much the same thing. Also, I wrote “Mr. Kirk Battle Esq. aka L.B. Jeffries” to which Ben changed it to the much better “he Artist Formerly Known as L.B. Jeffries – Mr. Kirk Battle Esq. himself.” General improvements like that. And no, he had no idea what I was doing until he started editing it in wordpress. We are not a cabal. We are very bored individuals. So while I came up with the concept, Ben fleshed it out. I wish I could take sole credit for all of that. Thankfully it’s gotten some great response so far. Apparently people like to be entertained with their links. Who knew?

And because I’m paranoid someone who get on our case for being pretentious douche bags for this, I’d like to head that off at the pass. It’s a joke done because I got bored of the normal format. Have fun with it, jackass. Well, now that I’m done beating up a strawman, see you later.

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