Critical Distance Confab – Minisode 15 – Horror Games Mark II

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The latest minisode is up on the Critical Distance Confab. Returning for another horror themed episode is my associate from the Moving Pixels Podcast, Nick Dinicola.

I haven’t played a lot of horror games recently, so I went with the one I had played, Stories Untold. It was the game we chose to do for our Halloween episode of the Moving Pixels Podcast, which ended up coming out on the same day. Ironies of irony, given that this is a podcast about highlighting games nobody is talking about, the day prior Campster released a video talking about it.

Sorry about missing last month. I literally got no response from anyone, which is not surprising as I was sending out requests to appear during the beginning of the busiest time of the year. I am figuring out how to set up minisodes going forward in the future to belay such problems. On a brighter note, I am good for podcasts for the rest of the year having them all recorded awaiting editing.

See you next month. And support this and all the other work done on Critical Distance on our Patreon.

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