The Moving Pixels Podcast Plays ‘Sorcery!’

Steve Jackson's Sorcery!

This week we look at the first two games in the Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! series.

The Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! is so arch that delving into the game in any sort of detail is inevitably going to turn into a discussion of the fantasy genre and it’s tropes. Sorcery! is from a particular brand of fantasy from the 1980s. Born of the monopolization of the Campbellian monomyth and world building lessons of Tolkien.

We discuss the game’s context from which it was born and the effect of a road trip narrative filled with mini-story arcs throughout. We also touch upon if there was a difference between playing it on mobile verses the re-release for PC.

You can find the podcast on PopMatters, SoundCloud, iTunes and the RSS feed.

“You’re alone, exhausted, in a little hut, in the outpost settlement. Your unimaginable journey is not even a single step begun.”

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