The Moving Pixels Podcast Interrogates ‘Virginia’


On this, the last Moving Pixels Podcast of the year, we look at the cinematic adventure game, Virginia.

There’s a lot to talk about with Virginia, mainly because no one in the game says anything themselves. The entire game is wordless, even my quote below required some stretching to get. Because of that, a lot of the game is up to interpretation and insinuation. Of course, before you can ask what is going on, you have to reckon with how the game is delivering its visual experience.

And that is what we do. Moving from the cinematic lessons it incorporated to the styles and artists it cribs from, before delving into what it is saying about identity and self presentation. I thought there were more specific statements being said in addition to the more general ones, but I was alone. I was also not the right person to make good on those observations. Shout out to all the women of color critics out there.

You can find the podcast on PopMatters, SoundCloud, iTunes and the RSS feed.

“Press enter to take a trip.”

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