The Moving Pixels Podcast Goes Crazy in ‘Knee Deep Episodes 2 and 3′

Knee Deep

This week we finish up the swamp noir, theatrical play, adventure game Knee Deep with episodes 2 and 3.

Can a game be so bad it’s good? I don’t know, but Knee Deep is definitely a game that’s so bad it’s interesting. I know the angry video game critic is a archetype that has long since worn out its welcome, but on the other hand there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had when two people are on the same page taking a bat to work that “drives so far off the rails it becomes an airplane.”

We’re not disrespectful (I go out of my way not to step over that line), we’re just baffled and occasionally thoroughly entertained by all the batshit inanity on screen.

You can find the podcast on PopMatters, SoundCloud, iTunes and through the RSS feed.

“After all, you can drown in knee deep water if you stand on your head.”

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