Critical Distance Confab – The Critic and the Dragon

Microphone 36

Joseph Anderson was one of the bigger YouTubers I managed to get for an interview. The larger one’s subscriber count, the harder it is to get a hold of them. (At least if you don’t already know them like I did with Chris Franklin.) So, I was really glad that I kept pinging away until one of my messages got noticed the deluge of emails he gets.

Apparently, I was also the first interview and podcast he’s ever done. I should probably frame this tweet or something. I’m always happy to make someone’s day.

I also want to again apologize for he audio quality on my half of the recording. Skype decided, instead of using he plugged in mic I spent a week test the perfect audio levels for, to use the crappy built in laptop mic. Took me a few hours to figure out why it was so awful to. I’ve since uninstalled the built in mic’s drivers so this doesn’t happen again.

The podcast can be found on Critical Distance, iTunes or through the podcast RSS feed.

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