Haunted Islands and the End of High School Are Both the Subject of ‘Oxenfree’


We’re back with another episode of the Moving Pixels Podcast, this time talking about the indie adventure game Oxenfree.

I heard good things about this game and I’m extremely glad it did not disappoint. You can hear my enthusiasm for it in my voice when we discuss it. I knew so little about Oxenfree going in and somehow it managed to exceed all my expectations for it. There, that’s my recommendation for it.

So give the podcast a listen if you want to hear us discuss the craftsmanship of the walk and talk as well as my (I’m sure) hilarious attempt at explaining Nietzsche’s concept of eternal recurrence. Also, Breakfast Club parallels and a short bit on the behavior of adventure game enthusiasts.

You can listen to the podcast over at PopMatters, on SoundCloud, through the RSS feed and now, after a three year technologically imposed hiatus, on iTunes.

It strange, but I don’t know how important iTunes is anymore to the health of a podcast. I just know it was the white whale ever since the PopMatters site redesign in 2013 and the subsequent crash of the feed. I had to create an all new podcast RSS feed by hand, because no one at PopMatters understood how it all worked. All the mp3 files were gone from on site hosting. We had to migrate the episodes ourselves over onto the new SoundCloud account, which at the time did not support iTunes functionality. It was only recently with the Idle Thumbs feeds going down for a weekend did I learn they hosted their files on SoundCloud, which was doing some maintenance. I took another stab at the feed and thankfully iTunes added a feature that tells you why the feed couldn’t be verified instead of just telling me to screw off. I dug into the SoundCloud back end to discover why the audio files weren’t transferring and found the previous data being used to download the episodes wasn’t the file, but an API they don’t really use anymore. Once I located the right links and added a now mandated explicit tag, as well as fixed the image size, we we’re back in business. This is an invisible albatross removed from my neck. And so ends the story that began quite a few years ago in victory. Though, I don’t know how important iTunes is anymore.

“When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not. But soon, I shall be so, I cannot remember any, but the things that never happened.”

Don’t you…

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