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The Wolf Among Us

The Seamier Side of Fairy Tales

Another Moving Pixels podcast is up. This time we discuss the second episode of The Wolf Among Us. This was recorded back on Sunday of IndieCade East. I had gotten back from the city only about half an hour before. Luckily my tiredness doesn’t weigh down the discussion. It’s another …

PopMatters logo

A Podcast Data Entry Project

I missed this week’s and last week’s post on PopMatters because I got a little to caught up in trying to finish another self inflicted project. For a while now the Moving Pixels podcast RSS feed has been borked thanks to what I suspect was an internal update to the …

A Crimson Searchlight

The Games of IndieCade

What was originally one single post, my editor decided would be a good idea to split into three. It turned out to be a very good idea and not just because it gave me two extra weeks of breathing room. Talking about 13 games no one has ever heard of …

The Stanley Parable 3

Paths and Parables

This podcast on The Stanley Parable was recorded back in January, that’s how far ahead we are. I really love this game and was really excited to finally get to talk in depth about it. There’s something about its brand of wackiness and intellectual masturbation that fits my personal brand …

IndieCade East 2014

At Play at IndieCade East

I went to IndieCade East last weekend and wrote up my general overview/feeling on the event for this week’s PopMatter’s post. In the opening I bring up my three part Primer on PAX East from last year and note the major difference in overall tone and feel. That and the …

Mirror's Edge

The Parable of The Runner

A few weeks back I was having a digital couch chat with Mark Filipowich. Eventually we got on to the topic of criticism preservation. We talk about how things are disappearing from the web and how depressing the 404s on the Old Games Writing Twitter account are. I begin to …