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Virulent, Vociferous and Vocal

(Excuse this entire article. I wrote this a few weeks ago when I needed to do so. This ended up as my version of stream of consciousness writing and given how I normally write that’s saying something. But, at this point, it’s merely an exercise in style and testing a …


Hardboiled Hijinks

The summer doldrums ticked away and so we went back to talk about an indie game from 2013: Gunpoint. As we found there was little to grab onto with regards of our usual in depth discussion about craft and theme, but we still managed to find things to say about …


Little Money, Little Games

What to do when waiting for releases? Why look towards the free, arty games of course. In this podcast we look at Serena, Glitchhikers and A Dark Room. Serena is a game that was a free point-and-click adventure game on Steam, so of course I tried it. I didn’t think …