Political Correctness in Video Games

I was thinking about doing a line-by-line take down of this article from IGN a while back. Now I just don’t care. Part of that were the responses others wrote before I could get my act together. While they all have overlapping points, the four posts that I saw in response to this piece didn’t come at it from the same direction. Upon reading the first three I felt I could still add something because my particular angle when it comes to these sorts of posts hadn’t been thoroughly explored. Then I read Phil Hornshaw’s piece, which wasn’t exactly what I would have written it came the closest to my position. Combined with points from the other articles I see no point in doing my own piece. Instead I enshrine the responses here.

Kate Cox – Kotaku – Criticism Does Not Actually Stifle Creativity

Mattie Brice – Real Talk Video Games – Something Tells Me You’re Offended That I’m Offended

Denis Farr – Vorpal Bunny Ranch – 90s Politics Are Dead Long Live 90s Politics

Phil Hornshaw – Game Front – Political Correctness Isn’t Ruining Games, Bad Ideas Are

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