The Moving Pixels Podcast Spends a ‘Night in the Woods’

Night in the Woods

This month we go back to the Infinite Fall well and discuss Night in the Woods.

Depression, mental illness, economic regression, human sacrifice to cosmic horrors, meeting god and realizing he’s a dick, what a lovely video game to spend your hours playing. There’s no way to make that sentence not sound facetious even when you’re being completely sincere.

Even three months after playing it, I was surprised during our discussion how vivid so many of the details and scenes were in my mind. I got the order they appeared in a little messed up, but the scenes themselves came back super clear. Good games stamp their identity clear in your mind and make for really great discussions. It just feels nice to have two people talk about a game they were super into and leaves your feeling vaguely positive even if the world is still broken.

It seems our managing editor has changed our plan from the last Monday of the month, to the first Monday of the month. It means February got shafted out of an episode, but as long as its consistent it’s fine. So, look for new episodes of the Moving Pixels Podcast at the beginning of each month.

The podcast can be found at PopMatters, SoundCloud, iTunes and through the RSS feed.

“At the end of everything, hold onto anything.”

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