The Fairy Tale of the Economic Downturn

The Wolf Among Us Pudding & Pie

We continue our podcast discussions of The Wolf Among Us with episode 3: A Crooked Mile.

We felt that this episode really picked up the pace as the story finally came into its own. The themes seem more palpaple than ever and we get to talking more on the nature of the choices in The Wolf Among Us. Plus, I get to drop a few tidbits on some of the small craftsmanship stuff that is done.

We talk about a lot of different subject in this episode and yet the podcast itself is much shorter than our usual fair as of late. I felt the discussion was much longer than it actually was because of it. I think it may have to do with a lot of what we said in previous episodes could also be applied to this one. I mention that a lot of things repeat through the episodes only slightly different and become variations on a theme.

Another way of looking at it is that the discussion is tight and doesn’t out stay its welcome.

“What a day. Am I right Sheriff? What a fuckin’ day.”

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