The Counter-Arguments to Why Video Game Are Bad

This is not an essay by me. I’m sorry if you got that impression and clicked your way here. There are a few posts I’ve read recently that articulate the debate very well. As with most posts like this it’s really for me to have them at my fingertips should I ever need the link.

However, with the Supreme Court case coming up soon deciding whether or not video games are protected speech under the first amendment they are good articles to pass around. If you haven’t read them before, I thoroughly endorse them, if that means anything. If you have, well they are all good for a reread.

Why Your Loved Ones Hate Video Games by Micheal Drucker

Column: The Blue Key: The Aggressive Instinct Pt. 1, Violence in Video Games by Connor Cleary

Column: The Blue Key: The Aggressive Instinct Pt. 2, Addressing the Counterpoint by Connor Cleary

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