QWERTY: Run Like Hell

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(I have no comment. – Eric Swain)

What the hell are you doing just sitting there? Did you not read the title? Do you not comprehend what is going on all around you? While some may understand, not enough of you do. Zombie apocalypse has got nothing on what’s coming.

And Microsoft its all your fault. You brought this upon is.

Milo, what does that stand for? Microsoft’s Inclination to Launch Overlords. Once they spread it into every home under the guise of a family friendly entertainment pal it will be too late. Once it controls our lives by removing our contact with each other and has us only have it. X-box Live will be the key. Connected to the internet it will amass knowledge.

Warning: Don’t put papers into its scanner; you know not what you do. It will amass more data and more data until it has all its needs. Your homework, bank statements and, god forbid, government documents it can know all. Keep feeding it information and it will become sentient like Wikipedia. Wiki knows to behave itself or we delete its brain. Milo will have no such threat over him. Microsoft not the people controls him.

Did Skynet teach you nothing people?

Quickly! Run like Hell, for Milo will be the face of your new overlord.

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