QWERTY: Hey, hey, hey Goo-od Riddance

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3D realms what is wrong with you, going under like you did. I’m not talking about the fact that you went under, but the fact you could even go under. Why put yourself in such a position, didn’t you notice the well drying up at some point?

It don’t really matter
You’re going to find out for yourself

No it don’t really matter
You’re going to leave this thing to somebody else

And you wont let anybody else take it on because you think they wont do the property justice? This is Duke Nukem, right? I don’t think artistic integrity really counts here.

I could make a number of jokes at your expense, but given the state of the economy and the fact that you’ve all lost jobs and…

Ah, who the hell am I kidding.

– Duke Nukem Forever: it certainly is now.

– Duke Nukem Forever, more like Duke Nukem Never.

– How were all the piggyback rides 3D realms? Hope they were worth it.

– The size of his biceps are compensating for something and the dev team didn’t want anybody to know.

– The Duke is dead, long live the Duke…forever

(And, wait for it. – Eric Swain)

– Hey Duke Nukem Forever, guess what…Chinese Democracy got released before you.

And now you’re keeping your own kind in hell
When your great wall rocks blame yourself

While their arms reach up for your help
And you’re out of time

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