Prince of Persia’s Epilogue DLC – WHY?!?

I decided to not write on it immediately, get a good night sleep and and take some time to digest what Ubisoft has just done. I was angry last night when I checked IGN and found this little tidbit heading the day of news. Basically Ubisoft will release a DLC pack for their recent game, Prince of Persia. It will included an increase in difficulty, two new unlockable skins, a new attack for the Prince, and a new power for Eleka. So far there’s no problem, in fact the increase in difficulty is a much welcome addition, though a difficulty choice at the beginning of the game would have been much better choice, but whatever. However, it is the other additions that really pissed me off. A new location, a new enemy that amounts to a reskining of an old one, and, get this, an epilogue that continues on from the main narrative.

Part of my anger was probably that I found out just as I was putting finally touches on what I thought would be my last essay on the game. Now that I’ve let some time pass to coll off, I find myself still angry at Ubisoft, but not for the same reason. Why wasn’t any of this in the published game? This is seems like nothing more than a tool to gouge more money from the players.

My feelings on the epilogue content are thus. Their so called epilogue wont add anything to the story, but instead will create a new problem, Eleka and the Prince will go about like they did in Act 2 of their adventure, and then reset the status quo so that there can still be a sequel. The very fact that this DLC exists is proof that Ubisoft wont allow some reasonable conclusion to be reached in this game, not if there is room to do it in the sequel.

Fallout 3 offered a unique in game explanation for the DLC to be integrated. It is an elaborate VR machine of certain events in Fallout universe’s history. Or Mirror’s Edge DLC, which isn’t story based at all and is more time trials, which is just an extra to the main game.

We are given an end to the game, however we feel about it we do have an end. It just screams of a quick cash in, especially when their representative admits that the new enemy is a reskin of the Hunter/Warrior. Of course they also admit that you do not have to finish the game to play the DLC, so everyone could just figure it as AU, in which case it has no implications on the story, which they think it does.

Here’s the real question though. Since it does take place after the main game, will Eleka have any mention of the Prince reviving her or his new feelings towards her that caused him to do so? Given that you don’t have to finish the game to play it I think not.


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