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A few weeks back, Kris Ligman came to New Jersey to give a presentation at a conference about her research. Before she was to fly back to California she dropped by my home town to say hi and chat. During her brief stop before I took her to the airport she mentioned that the Moving Pixel crew would like to have me on for a podcast at some point. I said I’d love to join. A while later I was contacted and was asked if I’d still like to come on. Well of course I would but I would need to know what I’d be speaking about. It tends to work better that way. It was Critical Distance and its place in the critical blogosphere. Ever since the year end round up I’ve been asking permission with anything Critical Distance related. I mentioned this and G. Christopher Williams stated he felt dumb for nothing thinking of Ben in the first place. So we all got together a few weeks ago to have a chat about Critical Distance. It came out today and I didn’t come off as bad as I feared I  might of. At the end I said that I was in the works for editing CDC episode 8 and hoped it would be out before this podcast went live, well it was. By three days.

CDC podcast episode 8: A Very GDC Podcast” is up for download and your listening pleasure, both at the site and on iTunes. This one took a lot longer to do in every stage of working on it. I batted around a few ideas for what to do and with Ben we eventually settled on the idea of getting a bunch of people who went together and group them together based on their favorite panels they went to. I asked 16 people that I could get a hold of and had it all set up one weekend only for it to collapse at the last minute when I found I had gotten work hours during much of the podcast time. So I tried to set it up for next weekend only for a lot of scheduling conflicts to get in the way. But I got 8 people to sit down on two different days for two different discussions about the panels they went. Given how long it took for me to edit these two sessions and get them produced it’s probably to everyone’s benefit that I didn’t do more.

GDC was back in March and I didn’t get everyone together until April and it only got released in May. I defend this timeline with the fact the second word in the title is Distance. So even with GDC being some time ago it’s still nice to remember everything that went on and hear it straight from a person’s own mouth. You can’t type down Courtney’s excitement about the SWERY talk like you can hear it on the podcast.

Oh and yes I do put outtakes at the end of each podcast. I cut out 20 minutes worth of umms, errs, you knows, likes, pauses, stutters and pauses from the audio. I go above and beyond for quality. Hope you all enjoy.

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