Paths and Parables

The Stanley Parable 3

This podcast on The Stanley Parable was recorded back in January, that’s how far ahead we are.

I really love this game and was really excited to finally get to talk in depth about it. There’s something about its brand of wackiness and intellectual masturbation that fits my personal brand of criticism and thinking. It’s also a title that doesn’t get much exploration beyond surface level discussion even when it comes to the game’s meaning. I don’t know if we got more into it than most discussions of the game since a lot of it is description, but I enjoyed my time during the session nonetheless.

This was the podcast where I developed the phrase “paradoxical paratextual post-modernism” and have been repeating it to myself ever since. It’s a phrase I really like saying out loud. Something about its form as an alliterative tongue twister.

Give it a listen if you like self referential intellectual masturbation about a game of self referential intellectual masturbation. This is my internet cheeky voice.

“This is a story about a man named Stanley.”

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