Lots of minor things to get through, yet not much to say. Really just a bunch of little things happened my way.

On Monday I reposted my Limbo retort, on Nightmare Mode a critical site of a sort.

It got edited there by the entire crew, as well as a brand spanking new title too.

Taking a quote from the piece was the key, to finally give a title that would satisfy me.

A grander audience I have there, that is to be sure. For I got far more comments there than here I could lure.

Also that day, reeling from the weekend, of an awful event and in trailing the trend,

did I recap the VGAs as calmly I suppose, though I hit the fundamental problem right on the nose.

But enough of that misery, tis a happy season, where we try to be nice and most fail without reason.

Then on a bright sunny Wednesday my package did come. And there I learned the Canadian postal service did run,

quite poorly at all times of year. Would have been quicker to send it from Taiwan to here.

But really I kid, I don’t mean to kick up a big fuss, so thank you to all the generous and kind people from Desert Bus.

As much as I’ve meant to write in the last few days or so, a terrible evil from Congress arose.

SOPA hearings were called to debate the amendments. But soon apparent most were not in attendance.

Mostly they’re hacks, bought and kowtowed, not willing to hear from people with know how.

Call your Congressmen and write your Senator, if SOPA or Protect IP bills you do abhor.

The fight is not won and the fight is not lost, until we give up the field, but just imagine the cost.

They wish us to be blind, fat and to grovel. They wish us to live in a real life cyberpunk novel.

Don’t think this cannot or will not affect you. You live on the web like the rest of us do.

Read up on what you can and should do. Start here but should it pass, make this day they will rue.

From such a downer I wish you good cheer. And that it may last you until the end of this year.

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