Inheriting Work in ‘Rogue Legacy’

Rogue Legacy

After a few weeks off the podcast is back with Rogue Legacy. I have to apologize. Starting with the last podcast I started experimenting to try and get my audio sounding better. Changing mic, changing audio settings, changing recording locations. Whichever one I did for this podcast didn’t work too well. You can understand me, but there is a noticeable difference in sound quality between myself and my fellow podcasters.

Luckily that should all be fixed now. I got my back pay for the summer and bought myself a new microphone. No more broken headset, no more Rock Band mic, an actual recording microphone with digital output and it’s own little tripod. It’s the ATR2100-USB if you’re interested. From the second the call started Chris and Nick noted how much better I sounded on the call. We’ll know in a few weeks how well it came out, but I’m hopeful.

Anyway, Rogue Legacy was really fun and a blast to talk about.

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