Episode 9 of the CDC Podcast

Yeah so another podcast episode came out this week. I know, there must be something in the water. Well it’s the missing episode 9 that was recorded back in August in an attempt to release it for the third anniversary of Braid’s release on the XBLA. Rather foolish as I spent three weeks trying to get a panel together and ended up doing an open call for people on twitter 10 minutes before recording. I may just do all future Critical Compilation Companions like that. Anyone who would respond would have strong feelings about the game. I asked for two who loved it and two who hated the game. I think it turned out all right. Despite this method being rather slap dash the weak link of the whole thing was yours truly. During editing any time I was speaking I just wanted me to shut the hell up. I could tell where I was going and in my head formulate the proper argument, but that seems to go out the window once I open my mouth. Good thing I’m the moderator and don’t have to speak much.

So, Episode 9 – A Braid Companion is up on Critical Distance. The next episode is in post production and the one after that is in the planning stages. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be more regular with these things.

Note: It’s on iTunes and iTunes still can’t put these things in any order. They are numbered Apple or Apple automated program.

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