Critical Distance Confab – Red Angel

Microphone 39

I wrap up this series of interviews with video producers and essayists by checking out relative newbie and indie game specialist, Angelina Bonilla, better known as Red Angel. (Also a lot easier to say apparently.)

We had a long fruitful conversation in which Red Angel was able to display her enthusiasm and passion as she explained her own work. And yes, as cliche as it is, we did talk about her being a woman in this field. Together the two of us could only think of three women doing this type of work.

She brings a different perspective to video based criticism and appears to have a slightly different audience if some of the reactions her videos have gotten are any indication (they may not be). I want all my interviewees to succeed, but the rest are doing well for themselves and she needs a boost.

Check out the interview, check out her work and then check out her Patreon.

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