Beyond the Point-and-Click Adventure

Beyond Two Souls 1We finally get around to talking about David Cages latest piece, Beyond: Two Souls, on the Moving Pixels podcast.

I’m going to admit right off the bat that I perhaps harp on the problems brought up by the anachronic storytelling of Beyond a bit too much in our discussion, but there are just so many issues that keep popping up because of it. I liked Beyond, but I wanted to like it even more than I did. The pieces where there for a great whole, but they were arranged poorly and execution matters more than the ideas at play.

I liked how this one came out. Instead of going straight through the game like we normally do, we ended up discussing it very holistically and jumping around to different points in the game that exemplified the points we were trying to make. Though I guess it is hard to talk about a game when every time you mention something in relation to something else you have to clarify is it presentation or chronological.

If you want to hear some people hate on the game, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. Nick, Jorge and myself all liked the game. We do recognize its flaws and have some major issues with various parts, but we are all generally positive with our experience with it.

If you want to hear and in depth discussion of what really is one of the more interesting games to come out his year, go and listen to the podcast.

*sings* “Fighting for a lost cause.” *sings*

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