All the Terror of Hide-and-Seek

Knock Knock 2

The is the episode of the Moving Pixels Podcast I’ve been wanting to have for a long time now; it’s on Knock Knock.

I reviewed the game back in November of last year and gave it a pretty favorable review, focusing on its atmosphere and its general creepy tone. But I didn’t understand the game. In parts that was a good thing, making the horror even more effective, but in other ways it was frustrating.

I don’t talk a lot in this podcast as I unfortunately found that I had missed quite a bit of content relating to the actual story of the game. Though the game is so wrapped up in its symbolism, I’m not sure how much that would have helped me.

Most of the podcast is spent describing the mechanics, how Knock Knock plays and other material aspects of the game. However, the last 15-20 minutes the podcast gets really interesting as we turn to the subject of difficult works and how much is reasonable to ask of an audience. I came out of this podcast still unsure of where I stood with it, but it certainly is a game that deserves discussion for good or ill.

“Something woke me up. Did the window break somewhere or did the door open?”

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