A Wondeful Comment in an Otherwise Shitty Season

Over at Kotaku, I know I know, hear me out. Over at Kotaku they sometimes highlight some of the more interesting comments from their comment sections by giving it their own post, which is better than articles dedicated to breast admiration, though their next post defeats that purpose, but I digress.

The comment can be read here and I suggest that you do it is a wonderful story. And let me just answer your question Sihaya. Are you a good mother? Let’s see, you’ve taught your kids how to read, write, spell, add, speak coherently, and reason. Plus they do well in school, seem happy and are friendly to others. More importantly on your end you encourage them, help them, work with them and pay attention to them. Lady, you are so far ahead of the pack you are not a good mother, you are an exceptional mother.

Let me clarify the title here. It is nice to see someone so eloquently give their own story as case study on how to do something right. And not just because it’s great to shove it into ignorant detractors’ faces, but its genuinely nice to have such a story. As for the shitty season part, it is absolutely the shittiest time of the year and 3 wonderful days of celebration out of 33 ‘I’ll cut you for that gift on the rack’ days does not change that.

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