The Moving Pixels Podcast Explores ‘This is the Police’

This is the Police

This week we dig into the Belarus indie police simulator This is the Police.

It was a game that seemed fine at first, but slowly devolved into ‘I don’t give a fuck just be over already.’ I danced around what I felt the major failing of it was, because I hadn’t completely ordered my thoughts on it, but it’s so damn cynical for no reason. And cynical in a way that doesn’t really make sense. It’s a depressing cartoon of a police force that so desperately wants to be taken seriously.

It has its moments, but those moments aren’t really attached to anything game related in either mechanics or themes. A lot is left unsaid when it needs to be and then it drags on way too long. It is both too short and too long a game. I was apparently the only one on the podcast that didn’t like it.

This episode is live at PopMatters, SoundCloud, iTunes and through the RSS feed.

“I may have a lot of vices, but predictability isn’t one of them.”

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