The Moving Pixels Podcast Discusses ‘Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1’

Tales from the Borderlands ep1

And so we begin a new series of episodes on a Telltale Adventure game. This time the action/comedy Tales from the Borderlands.

We’ve been away from Telltale for a while so covering Tales from the Borderlands both felt like coming home to a knowable, comfortable quantity and getting a splash of cold water to the face. If there’s a through-line to our discussion, it’s this dichotomy. In changing up to a comedy instead of another tragedy, Tales feels fresh and something of a clearing the air over our burnout of the relentlessness of Telltale’s other titles. But this change also caused some problems for Nick as he felt something was lost regarding the agency Telltale did give the player and Chris who feels the start is too slow to grab him.

This episode was an experiment for us. As much as I championed this game in our behind the scenes scheduling sessions, we had been burned out on Telltale games and didn’t know if we wanted to do another full season, despite the fact Telltale games offer great bang for our buck with how many episodes of the podcast we can get out of them. So, we decided we would try the first episode and from there decide if we would do the rest of the season. No surprise to me that, yeah, we’re doing the other 4 episodes.

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“Stories. Legends. Those are much better at getting at the real spirit of things. Stories remember both sides of the tale.”

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