The Moving Pixels Goes Around the World in ’80 Days’

80 Days

And we get around to playing and talking about one of my favorite games in 2014, 80 Days.

I’ve said quite a bit on this game already and I bring that preparedness to the discussion. Really it’s an hour of the three of us valorizing this game and all the various stories it has within it. We get into what it changes from the original book, what experience it gives us as its own work and all the various social mores it upends by presenting a different view of the late 19th century.

Come listen to three people unequivocally excited about a lovely game on PopMatters, SoundCloud and the RSS feed.

“Monsieur Phileas Fogg returned early from the Reform Club and in a new fangled steam carriage besides. I helped him down and the iron lung, steam driven horses clattered away. ‘Passepartout,’ he said, ‘we are going around the world.'”

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