Nearly Happily Ever After

The Wolf Among Us episode 4So after the whole game is out, we finally got around to releasing our discussion on episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us.

It’s strange to go back and listen to it given that I now know how it all turns out. The Wolf Among Us has turned out to be a rather polarizing game and there’s a lot of reasons why. Episode 4 itself feels like a plot necessary segment of the story to get the last few things in place and a few threads wrapped up, but it does feel like it’s the game spinning its wheels a bit. This episode almost makes me wonder if there isn’t some problem with the general conceit of The Wolf Among Us regarding the Telltale formula. As I express near the end of the podcast, they wanted to make the choices be mysterious and give an unknowable aspect to your decisions. That may be the cause for quite a few of the title’s issues.

It’s also worth noting that this is the shortest episode of the podcast on a Telltale game yet. Just over an hour, instead of the long in depth analysis of various things of writing and craft like usual. I think that’s more telling than anything we say with regards to whether or not it is padding.

Still, we do make some points about the inequality on display and the choices given to us.

“High interest isn’t servitude. And no one else has complained.” “Who’d listen?”

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