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Noby Noby Boy

The Noby Noby Boy Review Analysis

Let me reiterate the opportunity. Two reviews, using the same game, within 4 days of each other, using the same scoring method and same scoring scale gave two vastly different scores. The scores are not always alike, in fact, they very, very rarely are, but the difference is usually like a 7.6 to an 8.1. The scores are close if not even closer. The meanings are usually between really good to borderline great or whatever the specific scores might be for a game. But from ‘Passable’ to ‘Outstanding’ is a very different matter.

QWERTY: Sony’s Diabolical Plan to Drive Me Insane

(This is the first…thing I got from him. It is reproduced exactly. I have nothing further to say. – The Swain)

Disclaimer: QWERTY’s opinions are not mine nor the site’s. The psudonym QWERTY is used to protect the innocent.

Flower is pretty. There, that’s obligatory nice thing to say about it.