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Nostradamus Check Up ’09

Last year I said I called it to a number of predictions I had made. Then in February I made several predictions about the coming year. Let’s see how I did. 1- On Resident Evil 5 I said that it would be an end to the series being about horror …

QWERTY: My E3 2009 Predictions

E3 is back to its old extravaganza self, which means everyone else over the next week on the net will start crapping themselves over all the awesomeness. The starry-eyed masses will flitter around claiming how everything will remake the way we play games. In fact you know there is going to be so much awesomeness there, because a great majority of the announcements have already been revealed, leaked, etc. That means there has to be even greater awesomeness for the show.

Pretending to be Nostradamus

Anyway I was thinking about what to write as a quick of the top of my head post and it occurred to me. I did a post last year, I Called It, which was kind of pointless being one of the first half a dozen things I posted on the site. I could have written anything that happened and said I say this would happen. Well I did say those things, maybe not on the net, but in real life to anyone who would bother to listen to me. This year I decided to put my money where my mouth is so to speak and play act as Nostradamus of a little bit, without the cryptic speech that can be interpreted any which way of course.

I Called It

Well everyone else is doing their end of the year round up, and I thought I’d join the fun. Of course I haven’t been around for a major part of the year, hell I don’t think I’ve had an active posting site for a week, but I have been around …