Two More Critical Distance Roundups

In the past couple of weeks I took over TWIVGB from Kris Ligman as she went to E3 and needed a break. Kris hand it off more, there are 5 people who can pick up the reins. I don’t want you burning out.

First one was for E3 week and I couldn’t help myself making my own little commentary with how I presented that week’s material. As an old timey snake oil salesmen barker. It’s not like there was a convention filled with foul tasting, somewhat sketchily presented hype to products that may or may not be any good around that time, right? I’m being more factious than perhaps is warranted.

Then there was last weekend where I couldn’t come up with anything cleaver so I just did a straight rundown. Good stuff. I would like to see more back and forth posts, with criticism of the criticism. We don’t get enough of that nowadays.

One minor point. I guess it’s because I’ve done it twice now and it is always a pain in the ass to finish, but I can’t help but keep looking at TWIVGB with an eye towards TYIVGB and year end podcast episode. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there seems to be a lot more happening this year than the previous two. I even got Rowan Kaiser to email me his controversy list and kept it up to date. Oh boy, I’m going to have to find some panelists with some stamina and time to spare.


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