QWERTY: Video Games are an Embarrassment

Disclaimer: QWERTY’s opinions are not mine nor the site’s. The psudonym QWERTY is used to protect the innocent.

(I realized if you had not idea what he was talking about you would find this even more vulgar than it was meant to be. I told him this and I was told to mind my own business you facist dictator. – Eric Swain)

It used to be that we were embarrassed about a video game because of how it was perceived. We holed up and rode along the serf as we defended our turf with nerf. Now video games are an embarrassment because of what they are. It’s become a sporting competition.

Don’t get me wrong; getting my Wii out and shaking its stick so hard the cover breaks and makes a mess everywhere is just as fun as it once was. You’re sweaty and end up in bad need of a shower. In the end it’s all the same the dark basement and the distinct essence of shame permeates you.

But it wont end there as we and our imaginations converse in all new ways, as we are ready to pop a cap in someone’s ass with the baton of death. Luke Skywalker has got nothing on us. No seriously that guy was fighting with 1970s tech, were 30 years ahead of the guy. Our invisible light-based weapons are so much cooler than his.

Pedophilia aside, who cannot be feel embarrassed by having to grope another guy for the sake of enjoyment. I’m sorry, but not all of us are into that. Even if you are that screams more of a special occasion set aside or maybe left to the weekends. Not all of us are ready to bend over and become an elephant.

Oh, the irony of a phallic contest over who has the biggest phallic control. Oh wait my mistake, they’re not that big and one is even non-existent. I guess its true, it’s not the size that counts, but how you use it. Why do I get the feeling none of them realize what they’ve got on their hands.

You want your male power fantasy; well you ain’t seen nothing yet. I got your male power fantasy right here. Cupped in the palm of my hand.

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