QWERTY: Games are not Films…they're Plays

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(I thought today would be a better date to publish this instead of Friday - The Swain)

Everyone is always comparing video games to movies and for some reason people are complaining about his. Someone says Citizen Kane this or The Godfather that and everyone gets all in a huff. Stop that. Looking to other mediums is the only way we’ll get any good games out of these people anytime soon. We need to learn so we can speed up the process.

However, I’d like to use my soapbox to correct one minor flaw in everyone’s logic. This was the logic of the time that film first came onto the scene. The first films were just plays put on movie reel. And given video games as we know then are only 30 years old, films at that time were plays.

So really we’re looking in the wrong place. Video games are really plays. People forced to move along predetermined paths with only minor variations from event to event. Regardless of those minor movement, tonal, and timing changes Claudius is poisoned, Nora walks out, and the Wingfields fall apart. Kind of like how no matter what Kratos will kill a god, Master Chief will blow up a HALO, and Bowser will always lose. It’s all inevitable. So lets take our lessons from the right source, the theater.

It’s not like our medium is bringing together material from two very different sources and forcing them to work together like comic books. Now that’s just stupid.

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