GoFundMe for PAX East


PAX East is coming up soon and like last year I have managed to secure a Press Pass for the event. I’ve gone twice in the past three since PAX East started and have always had a good time. I’ve gotten to meet some wonderful people that I’ve only ever talked to on twitter before. This year however, despite having a pass and have arranged a place to stay for the weekend I don’t have the money to actually get up there.

I don’t like asking for money even when I’ve been in dire need of it in the past and especially not now when all I need it for is a bus and train ticket. But I have been encouraged to set up a GoFundMe page. If you could help and pitch a few bucks towards me I would be extremely grateful.

As for rewards the only think I can offer are some words. I’m offering two donation levels: 5 and 10 dollars. I will write 250 or 500 words respectively on any topic concerning gaming of your choice. I will publish them here for the perusal of all. There is little else I can offer other than that and my gratitude. Thank you for your time and consideration.

(Note: I’ve seen what some are willing to donate from other such campaign drives and although I’m already a little late in writing this, please don’t donate above the 10 marker. I feel awkward enough as it is.)

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