Deirdra Kiai Podcast Interview

Microphone 7

Episode 12 of the CDC podcast went live. I know it was promised back in March, but it was delayed due to the hell that misbegotten excuse for an audio file put me through. I had to edit the thing three times.

Originally I had planned to release it last year in conjunction with Deirdra Kiai’s Indigogo for her newest game. That fell through due to editing problems which caused me to start all over again. So I’m editing it for release in the second week of March. I finish, saved it and then put it through a third editing program with particular capabilities to clean up sections of the audio. This wasn’t my usual nitpicking, these sections were unintelligable. The program was nice enough to add an additional sound clip every 5 seconds telling me the name of the program I used. I had to start all over again. And the second half of the audio was borked. My sound channel was doubling and then inter-splicing everything I said. This is the second time Skype screwed me over like this.

I have fixed the solution, but I recorded this interview with Deirdra back in 2011 which was before the problem became apparent and I fixed the settings. Unsplicing audio is the most maddening task I think I’ve ever set myself to do and having to edit this damn thing three times…

Sufficed to say I hope you enjoy the interview. And please play Life Flashes By. It’s free.

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