Critical Distance Confab – The Spawn of History

Microphone 27

This month on the Critical Distance Confab I interviewed Bob Whitaker, the man in charge of the History Respawned YouTube channel.

What Bob does is not too dissimilar from what I do. Though instead of interviewing critics, he interviews academics and scholars about their field of expertise through the lens of video games that overlap with that subject matter. It’s an interesting and underutilized lens from which to approach games, so I’m glad someone is doing it.

History is one of those subjects that gets thrown under the bus in popular conception, mainly because it was thrown under the bus in the school setting. It’s incredibly important to understand not just what happened and more importantly why, and yet the why always seems to get lost. Popular media doesn’t help at all, as it always gives a history a perpetually present worldview.

I guess what I’m saying is, more well presented history please. Also, please leave us a rating on iTunes. Let me know what you think and how I’m doing.

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