Critical Distance Confab – Minisode 07 – Horror Games

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It was October, so of course, I had to do a theme minisode on Horror Games.

This was the hardest minisode to set up yet. Mostly because October is a notoriously difficult month for people to schedule time, because every game publisher decides now is the right time to release their game.

Way back in the beginning of the year, March I think, when I was recording the first minisode with Danielle Riendeau I mentioned that I wanted to see how long I could go without having another cis-straight white guy on as a co-host. After all I was going to be on every episode and I represented that perspective quite nicely. I guessed I could get through 6 before I’d have to have one on. I turned out to be absolutely right on that mark. I just couldn’t find any “horror game experts” with free time to come on this month.

I do admit, I had Nick Dinicola waiting in the wings in the back of my mind as my fallback co-host so I wouldn’t miss Halloween. That might sound a little mean, but I do try to broaden the representation of the minisodes as much as scheduling will allow. Also, I know Nick. I talk to him almost every weekend for the Moving Pixels Podcast. He is basically the horror game guy at PopMatters. He would definitely know a bunch of interesting horror games I’ve never heard of before worth mentioning. I, on the other hand, cheated by using games we had done on the Moving Pixels Podcast previously, because I don’t know horror games that well. Well, not the ones not talked about anyway.

It came out well and here’s to another six months of as varied representation as I can get a hold of. And another year of talking about games you should definitely write about.

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