Critical Distance Confab – A Measured Response: Hbomb

Microphone 35

A new interview on the Critical Distance Confab is up. This time with YouTube critic and vaudevillian Harry Brewis, also known as Hbomberguy. (I will never get tired of that moniker. YouTube Vaudevillian.)

Proving once again that preparation and not being hocked up on cold medication makes for a better, more lively interview. I was extremely happy with how it turned out, so of course this is first episode I  get actual feedback about my worst nightmare: the audio.

The feedback wasn’t even directed to me, I just happened to see it. The audio was low quality enough that it took away from being able to enjoy the podcast. Which hurts, but is also a problem because I literally do not know what the problem is. I don’t know if those are impossibly high standards for a shoestring operation such as myself or if I really do have some fundamental problem buried in the settings of 3 different programs and the OS. Maybe it’s not the podcast as a whole and was just this episode where I experimented with some settings to boost the audio my mic catches? I don’t know. Maybe it’s something to do with my physical set up? That is something I’m looking into adjusting.

I don’t know what’s wrong if anything, because I’m used to it. It sounds normal to me and I don’t know any better. I’ve hit a wall in being able to self educate.

After I finished my editing of the podcast last night, I went down a mini rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials and advice videos. Most were completely unhelpful. Unfortunately I fall in that in-between area, in now way an absolute neophyte, but also not a professional making real bank in a high quality studio. All the videos I found were for one or the other. They were either explaining that you shouldn’t put your mic next to your computer fan and other such beginner mistakes or explaining how to rise to the next echelon that will cost you several thousand dollars. So I was SOL.

I also don’t know if I’m blowing this out of proportion. Another thing I don’t know. My sample size is literally one person. I don’t get feedback. That’s the most depressing part.

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