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The Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead Season 2

Choose Your Own Clementine

Finally, after months post-release we get around to concluding our podcast series on The Walking Dead Season 2. It has been interesting to see the reception of Season 2 over Season 1. I feel that it’s a little more than the fact in 2012 The Walking Dead was new and …

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 4

A House Dividing

Despite a bit of a scheduling hiccup, our talk on episode 4 of The Walking Dead Season 2 is out. Instead of discussing the episode itself, I want to touch on something that happened concerning this episode elsewhere. About two days after recording this episode, IGN held a sit down …

1954 Alcatraz

Reviews for June/July/August

The summer months are slow and that apparently makes me slow. Anyway here are the reviews I actually managed to finish writing. When in doubt and bored with the game, make the review interesting. Daedelic Entertainment and I have a running thing with their published adventure games. I keep reviewing …

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 3

Dictators and Dead Guys

Continuing on with our episodic Telltale series we talk about The Walking Dead season 2 episode 3 on PopMatter’s Moving Pixels podcast. Last night we just recorded the podcast episode on The Walking Dead episode 4, so listening to this, it kind of surprising to hear some of the comments …

Shadowrun, Dragonfall

Reviews for March/April/May

I stopped writing PopMatters columns back in March for a number of reason, all of which have to do with being super busy trying to get technical things to work and those things refusing to. I really want to get back to writing again instead of staring at code sheets, …

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2

Little Human, Big Apocalypse

It may be a little past the time when everyone else was talking about it, but the Moving Pixels Podcast episode on The Walking Dead Season 2 episode 2 is now up on PopMatters. We look at the continuing struggles of the second season to truly provide the same type …