Haywire Magazine: Games of 2014

Editor in Chief of Haywire Magazine Joe Köller put out the word some time ago that they were doing another roundup of the best games of the year by getting as many critics together to write blurbs for as many games as they could. This year I participated alongside 32 other video game critics.

At first I only committed to writing about one game. My personal game of the year, Dragonfall. I knew no one else was going to and someone needed to represent for it. But as time wore on I saw a number of games also being stood for not getting any love. No one was taking them. While other games on my top 10 list were getting written about, including Gods Will Be Watching, I added my name a few more times to games that needed to be represented.

In the end I wrote blurbs for:

Jazzpunk on day 2

80 Days on day 8

Unrest on day 14

Shadowrun: Dragonfall on day 15

Thank you to Joe Köller for putting all the work in and to Haywire Magazine for letting me participate.

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